8 Extreme Outdoor Activity Breaks In The UK

As a traveller with a strong thirst for adventure and adrenaline, you don’t need to travel abroad or out of the country for the perfect outdoor activity. From spectacular beaches and rugged trails to a wealth of stunning national parks, the UK offers the perfect setting for outdoor adventure and extreme sports. The UK has the ideal adventure you’re looking for, whether you want to go cliff camping in North Wales or sea kayaking in the Highlands, with every outdoor activity in the UK imaginable.

So if you’re feeling adventurous after a year spent indoors, take a look at our list of the best places around the UK to go climbing, windsurfing, skydiving, coasteering, and more.

  1. Kite-buggying, East Sussex

The sport of kite-buggying combines the thrill of kite-flying and go-karting, with low three-wheelers zipping across the sand at up to 50mph. This extreme sport is perfect for Camber Sands, which has miles of flat, open beach.

  1. Via Ferrata, Cumbria

Discover the Lake District from a unique vantage point – clipped by cable to a mountain, 2,000 feet above Buttermere and Borrowdale valleys. At Honister Slate Mine, you’ll find England’s first Via ferrata, a series of ladders and bridges drilled into the rock face that follow a Victorian miner’s route to Fleetwith Pike’s summit.

  1. Hiking, Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales hiking has some of the country’s best hiking, but knowing when, where, and how to go can be a challenge for first-timers. From easy six-mile hikes to more challenging 13-mile hikes, you can choose to hike according to your preferences and skill level. Some of the most notable sights include the ancient limestone pastures of Malham Tarn and Simon’s Seat’s panoramic views.

  1. Surfing, North Yorkshire

There are few things that leave you feeling as connected to nature as surfing – whether you’re riding the waves or wading through the breakers. Saltburn-by-the-Sea may be a few degrees chillier than Cornwall, but when the conditions are right, it can produce world-class surfing. The waves are usually good for beginners on either side of the pier, and you’ll always feel welcome, no matter how busy it is.

  1. Paragliding, Surrey

The sport of paragliding allows you to soar 500 ft over the Surrey countryside while you hang from a material canopy. You can experience picturesque scenery from a unique perspective while paragliding in Surrey all the while getting in the much-needed adrenaline kicks you look for as a natural adventurer.

  1. Bouldering, Swanage and Portland, Dorset

Beginners often begin bouldering because it allows them to scale smaller rocks without the need to learn ropes. Climbing is a longstanding tradition in Dorset that dates back decades. Swanage has always been known for its traditional routes that build character. Portland has grown into the nation’s largest sports climbing venue, attracting thousands of visitors almost every weekend. With Swanage, Portland and Lulworth hosting some of the best diving venues in the country, Dorset deserves the title of the birthplace of deep-water soloing.

  1. Windsurfing, Norfolk

From Hunstanton to Great Yarmouth, the north coast of Norfolk offers breathtaking windsurfing spots lined with golden sand beaches. There are two types of windsurfing boards: one is like a surfboard; the other is like a windsurfing board but has a size that varies depending on the conditions and skill of the windsurfer. When starting out in this sport, it’s recommended that you choose a warm, windy place during summer.

  1. Snorkelling and wildlife, Hebrides

You can discover an abundance of wildlife along the Oban and Lorn coastlines by following a Snorkelling tour. You can embark on an adventure journey starting from Oban to the 13 mile-long Isle of Coll, just off Mull, where you will find 23 beaches and plenty of wildlife, including basking sharks, grey seals, and bottlenose dolphins. The best encounters occur underwater, where you can enjoy the enchanting experience as you pass starfish, urchins, kelp forests and rays.

All the extreme outdoor activities that seem to only be in far-flung corners of the world can be found right here in the UK. Pick the next activity you want to tick off your bucket list, choose the location closest to you in the UK and embark on that adventure! There’s no time like the present.

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