Hiring A Wedding Bus: How Many People Can A Wedding Bus Carry?

The number of passengers a bus can carry for a wedding largely depends on the type of bus chosen. Indeed, if you opt for a VIP bus, it can only contain a maximum of 35 people. On the other hand, if you choose a classic bus, you will have the chance to transport 50 or even 55 guests.

If you decide to rent a double-decker coach, you will be able to transport nearly 90 people. A huge ratio compared to the carrying capacity of a minibus limited to a maximum of 20 seats. Faced with these constraints, the ideal is to define beforehand the number of your guests who will have to be brought home or to a fixed point. Based on this data, you can then choose the bus for your wedding.

Is It Possible To Hire A Personalized Wedding Bus With A Private Driver?

Renting a personalized bus with a private driver to pick up wedding guests is an option that is possible. Indeed, to mark the occasion, you can, according to your tastes, decide to personalize this means of transport.

You must notify your service provider at the online booking stage to achieve this. Together, you will be able to conclude the basics of the contract. It will then be up to the professional to offer you a tailor-made vehicle according to your preferences. However, it is essential to plan a substantial budget depending on the decorative accessories used.

How Much Does A Bus Rental With A Private Driver For A Wedding Cost?

As in the case of car rental, the price of renting a wedding bus with a driver depends on many parameters. Your service provider will have to consider the type of bus chosen, the quality of the service requested, the preferred destinations, and many other factors of choice. To get to the bottom, it’s best to use the quote request form to get the best possible response and an adequate price.

You know everything about renting a bus with a private driver for a wedding. Depending on your needs and the scale you want to give to your ceremony, consider choosing the option that suits you best. In any case, keep in mind that marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Therefore, it is good to give everything to mark the spirits of the guests who will be present that day and think of their safety. You can learn more about employee shuttle service here.

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