Resources for virtualization technologies

With the ever-increasing power of the computer science, there is a moment when companies have hundreds or even thousands of computers for the singular purpose of managing the workflow in their organization. However, this has become expensive on electricity, equipment, maintenance and staff to keep these computers. What can be done to reduce the cost but not the productivity of a company? Virtualization technologies contain the answer.

Thanks to virtual technology, it is possible to reduce a server room with ten, twenty, or one hundred servers to a handle of computers all virtual machines. These VMs are the same as managing two operating systems at the same time from a machine. However, from a server view, it’s like hosting your mail server on your application server, at the same time, but no server knows they are on the same box!

This new technology allows companies to reduce costs while simultaneously improving their ability to increase using less electricity, air conditioning and physical space for their servers. It also allows them to execute more secure network because it is easier to monitor the activity of a list of virtual machines running on a single box that consists of monitoring twenty or aftermath of servers.

However, VM Ware can be a confusing and poorly documented technology to start entering. Without knowledge of technology or big players who are involved in technology, it is very difficult to understand what’s happening on the market, how to use the new technology and how to effectively plan the transition to the virtual environment. Questions including the supplier to come to come, Microsoft virtual machines or Ware VM Ware? If you run a Baremetal server with a hypervisor or if you simply run a complete desktop virtual server. Do you need an application, workstation or office environment?

All of these issues can easily be answered by industry professionals who are knowledgeable, however, for small business owners, they are intimidating issues that all require research hours to respond faithfully. It can be difficult to find accurate information on the web that describes these differences and the advantages and disadvantages of each different server type.

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