ILoveSailing Calendar Competition: Two More Spots Booked

ILoveSailing is happy to unveil the next 2 winners of their Calendar Competition. Mark and Anglesey Jardine from Milford-on-Sea, Antony Robinson from Beaumaris, have come close to the next two spots on the 2021 ILoveSailing calendar. The winning entries have been chosen among 25 amazing photos which had been submitted in the month of April. The photos ranged from spectacular sunsets to boats in racing action.

Mark commented on his winning photo entitled ‘Sunrise at Hurst’ said that he is delighted to win a place in the calendar of ILoveSailing and he has covered it for a long time. He says that he has seen several great photos that were submitted previously and he had been really happy that his photo has been considered to be worthy of the calendar.

Mark stated that the photo had been taken whilst he was sailing around Corfu during the time of sunrise. On the right, the background shows the Isle of Wight and Hurst Castle. The view is that of the marshes and Mount Lake. He says that he runs along the sea coast most of the time and he looks at the stretch of water, he yearns to go sailing.

On the other hand, Antony commented on his winning photo that is entitled ‘Perfect evening at the RAYC on the Menai Strait’, that the fact that his clicked picture has made to the winning entry has not really sunk in. he believes that this is going to help in keeping his spirits up in the time of RAYC with the pandemic taking over the world at present and knowing when he can resume sailing. Antony states that seeing the picture on the calendar of 2021 is going to be amazing. It makes him realize that they sail at a spectacular location and can encourage people to get back out to sail when they can.

Antony’s photo had been taken on the night of Thursday during the session that takes place at Beaumaris’ RAYC where he is the chief instructor. The condition had been just perfect and it was the last run prior to going ashore. The picture had been taken on the iPhone and he hasn’t used any filter as the setting sun has been amazing as it peeked from the back of the sail and lit some astounding cloud formations.

Apart from securing a place on the calendar, Mark and Antony have also been able to secure a host of prizes canvas print of entry photo, two tickets to travel to Southampton International Boat Show to attend the prize-giving ceremony, after tea for them and their 3 guests at the Holiday Inn after the prize-giving, a copy of the printed calendar, a collection of RYA goods, and the ‘gold’ ILoveSailing rubber duck of 2020. This is the 8th edition of the ILoveSailing calendar competition. It provides professional and amateur photographers the ideal place to display their most loved sailing photos. Just by capturing a sailing moment, it is possible to win a spot on the 2021 calendar.

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