Budget-Friendly Travel spots in the US

The United States of America (USA), well known for its economic, higher education systems, media industry, cultural and political, etc. The country has an abundance of raw materials and entrepreneurial talent. Also, the US has many expensive cities like New York City, San Francisco but that doesn’t mean, it is not a favorite spot for the budget traveler. Though it the fourth largest country in the world by landmass, we can discover plenty of worth vacation cities to explore on a minimum budget.

Undoubtfully, the world’s Hollywood entertainment capital, Los Angeles (LA) is too budget-friendly for travelers. Because the budget starts only at $75 per day. Los Angeles holds many film industries, music studios, e-commerce industries. The Disneyland theme park is an iconic spot in LA.

Secondly the steel city, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh steel was used to build bridges and buildings like the Brooklyn Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, etc. The notable attractions there include many Parks & Gardens and Art Museums. This city is famous for the food industry too. We can enjoy a day there only for $80.

Savannah, Georgia, comes next on the list because many of the spots like the city market, River street are open free of cost. Savannah in Georgia was beautiful because of its coastal landscapes, architecture, and its vibrant history.

Boston, Massachusetts is famous for American revolutionary war landmarks. The city holds many world-famous and best universities like Harvard, MIT. Some universities allow visitors to learn a course free of cost.

Since the Capitol building, the White House, National Zoo and parks, and Air & space Museums are completely free for travellers. Washington, DC is another attractive city. But the hotels aren’t so cheap, so at least we have to spend $100 per day. The best time to visit Washington is Autumn and spring because of unpleasant weather in summer. On the whole, a budget traveller has to spend between $100 to $250 per day on average in the US.

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