Top 5 Best Place to visit in Europe

Paris - France

Europe, a wealthy continent sometimes called as ‘Peninsula of Peninsulas’ because a large part of Europe is made up of peninsulas. All European countries are filled with exciting cities, museums, fun restaurants, and many more worth watching places. The pleasant time to visit Europe is from June to September. The 5 best recognizable attractions are Paris, Florence, Santorini, London, Amsterdam.

The City of Light, Paris has many admiring man-made marvels. The beauty and glamour of the city are Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Art Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Paris Fashion Week. The Paris trip is incomplete without visiting Eiffel Tower. The first two floors of the tower are shops and restaurants while the top floor gives the best bird’s eye view of Paris. Travelers visit Paris almost throughout the year.

The birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is a testimony to Italian intelligence, taste, and imagination. Florence has almost dozens of palaces, museums, and churches. The famous museums are Palazzo Vecchio, Galleria degli Uffizi. Ponte Vecchio is another world-famous bridge in Florence to visit.

 Santorini, Greece, the everlasting beauty of this island is unmatchable to any other in the world. A unique volcanic landscape, relaxing beaches, and stunning architecture are the bliss of Santorini, Greece.  Santorini is famed for the romantic sunset of Oia. Whitewashed houses, traditional blue-domed churches, breathtaking areas of Santorini’s villages are so auspicious to visit.

The capital of the UK, London is jam-packed with a world-class British Museum and famed for a vibrant culture. What else unique in London? The Big Ben- a clock tower, house of parliament, the tower of London- the oldest building in the city, millennium eye which gives an amazing view of the entire city, see-saw kind opening of Tower Bridge are some of the unique things in London

Amsterdam, Netherlands is known for kid-friendly museums and activities, tulip gardens and green parks, and busy nightlife. The city has the nickname ‘Venice of North’ because of its canals. The top tourist attractions of Amsterdam are Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark, Jordaan, Dam Square.

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