13 Ultimate Reasons to Visit Shanghai

Shanghai, the most beautiful Chinese city, is a distinct amalgamation of the concrete jungle and lush green forest. It is given the name “Paris of the East” and is the most visited city globally. If you are a food lover, this is the place to enjoy mouth-watering street food at a nominal price or dig into high-end fine-dine restaurants.

There are innumerable reasons to visit Shanghai, but the top 13 reasons that will attract you to plan your trip are listed below.

Striking Contrast

The city is known for its most expensive and cheaper amenities. It is the city of the latest fashion and glamour. The old and new parts of Shanghai are arranged in unique style throughout the city, with half demolished lane houses in front of skyscrapers and factories from the industrial period converted into art houses.

Diverse Nightlife

Great nightlife spots make this city ideal for night lovers. There are countless options available for bars or clubs that are functional for the entire night.

Trendy Architecture

The city used Chinese and western features to create a unique style of lane houses called shikumen. It once comprised 60% of Shanghai housing. In recent times many of these lanes are converted into trendy shops and dining areas. Xintiandi, Tianzifang are few perfect places to visit in Shanghai and get lost among the crowd. The city’s hotels are also undergoing renovation according to the architectural trends.

Contemporary And Unique Piece Of Art

The city has many art museums known for their unique and innovative artwork. Yuz Museum is built in an old airplane hangar and displays modern-day art pieces. Few other places that innovatively exhibit artwork are the Rockbund Art Museum and Shanghai Museum of Glass.

Surrounding Water Towns

It has many water towns surrounding the ancient city, built on canals. It offers a peaceful getaway from fast-paced city life. Qibao is one such town that is accessible by metro. They are commercialized to provide a beautiful look into traditional bridges and houses.

Nine Famous Mini-Town Visits

Shanghai has an exciting place to visit as it gives you the experience of the whole world tour without stepping out of the city. This place has nine mini-towns designed after Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and Spain. Spend some time by Shanghai’s Lake Malaren.

Good Transport Connectivity

Shanghai is well connected to other destinations within the country and around the world. Cathay Pacific allows you to travel worldwide. There are many international direct flights. It is a five-star airline certified for its airport, onboard product, and staff service. You can also avail of their hotel booking facility.

 In addition to air, Shanghai is well-connected to every part of China by slow or high-speed train and bus services.

Visa-Free Transit

You can get a 144-hour visa-free transit in Shanghai. If you are in China, it will be easier to visit this place without spending anything extra on a Shanghai visa.

Easy Language Communication

Language is not a barrier for those visiting Shanghai as it has a history of multiculturalism.  It is the only Chinese city that speaks English other than Mandarin. All signs are written in both languages with the block numbers cleverly marked. This way you can move around freely in the city without getting lost.

Safe City

It is one of the safest cities in China. The people are friendly and helpful.

Clean And Hygienic

Usually, Chinese cities are not that clean, but Shanghai is an exception. All the sidewalks and streets are kept clean here.

World-Famous Chinese Delicacies

There is never any shortage of delicious dishes in this foodie city. You must try out their mouth-watering sweet stewed pork and luscious hairy crab. This city is famous worldwide for its steamed soup dumplings and fried dumplings.

Technologically Updated Skyscraper City

The city is known for its skyscraper buildings.  In 2016, the Shanghai Tower was officially awarded the world’s second tallest building at 2,074 feet. It also owns the world’s second-fastest elevator, with a traveling speed of 67 feet per second. Enjoy gazing over the Bund waterfront from Park Hyatt, the third tallest hotel in the world. Also, enjoy the beautiful skyline of Shanghai when the sunsets and the lights of the skyscrapers glow.


It is evident from this article that if you wish to experience the sprawling skyscraper, futuristic towers, colorful nightlife, unique pieces of artwork, and ancient buildings between modern ones, Shanghai is an incredible option.

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