Research financing for contraceptive investigations and infertility

This payment program is given to health professionals or students who need to pay their debt.

These programs pay educational loans taken by applicants to pursue their college studies in exchange for commitment to investigate the field of contraception and infertility.
This is a very good opportunity for those who are interested in fields or for those who are worried about the payment of their student debt and do not mind or find interesting things from contraceptive subjects and infertility.

Program goal

The purpose of the expanded Payment of Contraception and Infertility Loans is to achieve an increase in professional interests in the field of programs and make them concentrate their careers in these fields to get professional experts who can meet the needs of the community on contraception and infertility.

In addition, it will also contribute to reducing the excessive debt issued by health professionals during the years of college due to the high cost of medical college education. Therefore, it is a gain situation as a government institution and private non-profit obtains the results above being explained while professionals get a significant increase in their financial situation.

How does it work?

This program will pay up to $ 35,000 student debt (debt plus interest) every year that the applicant remains in the program. In addition, this program will also pay penalties and costs associated with payment in advance loans (income tax liabilities for lenders) to almost 40% of the charges. Therefore, student debt (or pass) will decrease significantly.

Included for …

Instead, the applicant needs to be committed to a violation of contraception and infertility loans for at least two years (every year the applicant obtained a $ 35,000 debt reduction mentioned above). During this period the applicant must conduct research in the field of infertility and contraception mentioned above.

There are no certain institutions where research needs to be done and therefore the applicant has the freedom to choose the best institution to adjust to his needs. However, the applicant must show evidence that he is conducting research in the field and that this institution has several programs related to contraception and / or infertility.

More information can be obtained

More information about this and other types of research financing can be obtained by doing a quick search on the internet for a particular topic or general search about research loans or research financing. There are many online sites that offer comprehensive information about loans and grants provided by the government and financial institutions to stimulate research in various fields whether it is research on medicine or other discipline.

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