Get more from your ski holiday by planning ahead

Ski holidays are adrenaline-filled fun for all the family, but there is a lot of planning that goes into making it the best holiday possible. You’re likely to be spending a lot of money on it too, so you want to make the most of the days you have on the slopes. Here are our top tips to get more from your ski holiday by planning ahead.

Choose the best resort for you

There are so many choices out there for ski resorts all over the world. Perhaps you’re looking for something close to home, or maybe you want to go all out and are willing to get the air miles in? Whatever the location, it’s vital that you choose the resort that fits your needs to ensure you stick within your budget. But there’s more to it than just choosing the cheapest or the highest rated; check out this recent article which gives more advice for choosing the perfect resort for you.

Plan your transport

Once you’ve chosen your resort, make sure you know how to get there. Whether you’re driving or flying to the destination, it’s best to have a planned route or transfer at the ready so that you don’t waste time getting lost. It’s easy to lose your bearings in a new place, whether abroad or not, so plan this in advance to reduce time and stress.

Check the snow forecast

Many people don’t think of this because they assume that snow is just always there at a ski resort. This isn’t true, so it’s vital you check the snow forecast before you go and regularly while you’re on holiday so you can plan your schedule around this. For the best skiing, you want to be aiming for places with the highest snowfall but also where the sun won’t compromise the quality and retention of the snow. Lots of websites can help you plan this, such as Piste Pro and their specialist snow forecast, which provides detailed information to help you make an informed decision.

Plan your day

So, you’ve made it to a brilliant resort and the snow forecast is perfect, what now? Your best bet to make the most of your days is to have a look at the resort map before you travel and build an itinerary based on what is most suited to you. Take into consideration what grade of slopes you want to try, where the ski lifts are for these slopes, where the trails take you and what other stuff you’re going to be getting up to, such as eating, drinking or other leisure activities. Again, we recommend checking before you go, as they have detailed information on hundreds of skiing resorts, including easy-to-use maps.

A ski holiday should be fun and not stressful, and you can do yourself a big favour by planning ahead.

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