Top 4 Attractions in Queensland, Australia

Queensland is one of the best places to visit in Australia. It is home to nice thick rainforests, beaches, and an amazing quotient of biodiversity. There are other spots in this nation that stunningly flaunt what the country’s regular habitat brings to the table. Below are some nice attractions to tour.

The Daintree National Park

The Daintree National Park is the most seasoned rainforest alive in the world. This is reason enough to visit, however, it likewise harbors one of the most elevated concentrations of endangered and threatened species in the world. The park is situated in Far North Queensland which is the two key sections of the recreation area.

Take a tour of Cairns

This attraction is located in a heavenly area which is between the Great Barrier Reef and the dark slopes of the Atherton Tableland. Cairns is possibly the most well-known traveler town in Far North, Queensland.

Cairns is a cordial and laid-back town. It has palm-bordered streets, colorful gardens, enormous parks, and bright gardens. Excellent seashores transmit out along the coast from both Palm Cove and Trinity Bay to Port Douglas. Whenever you feel like taking a walk, the 5km Cairns Esplanade runs along the cove is a good idea.

Visit the Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday group has seventy-four amazing islands which lead to the Great Barrier Reef. It is located off the bank of central Queensland.

The Whitsundays are mainland islands that are the culmination of a coastal range arising out of the ocean. Almost all of them (except five) have been pronounced public parks, and around eight of them are home to well-known resorts.

Famous activities in these islands include snorkeling and diving tours, lounging on the stunning tropical seashores, cruising trips, and unwinding at the island resorts.

Port Douglas

Dabbed with palms and mango trees, the once-drowsy town of Port Douglas is currently an enchanting resort for holidays. This makes it a famous base for reef trips and wild safaris within Daintree National Park. This beautiful town lies about an hour’s drive towards the north of Cairns, along a grand waterfront road.


You can’t go wrong by touring any of these locations. They are simply amazing. Finally, you can plan bespoke holidays to Australia and New Zealand with your travel agent.

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