First time visitors guide to Everest base camp

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With the spring trekking season in Nepal approaching, it’s not too late to schedule your once-in-a-lifetime Everest base camp trek from the UK.

Everest Base Camp, is one of the most popular treks in the world, offering breathtaking views of Himalayan valleys, mani stones, prayer flags, and cosy teahouses along the way to the world-famous rock-covered glacier that marks Base Camp.

You Don’t Need To Be The Fittest Person

Many people might be scared to go since they are led to believe that you must be a marathon runner to complete the trek. The truth is that you don’t. You’ll be fine if you can walk 3-6 hours a day up and down hill while carrying a light pack. If you’re travelling with a tour group, porters will carry your luggage for you, leaving you to worry just about your water, snacks, and camera.

Your main issue is acclimating to a greater altitude, and there is no evidence that this has anything to do with how fit you are. In fact, the slower you go, the more likely you are to make it to the top.

Suitcase getting packed

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Practise and refine your packing well before you go

Take this advice and don’t load your backpack with more than 10 kilograms. Before you leave, weigh your suitcase with at least two litres of water in it and practise packing it.

One of the most difficult aspects of the trek will be packing and deciding what to carry and what to leave behind. One of the biggest packing errors is leaving it to the last minute and ending up having to tote superfluous items that you will never use.

There is Wifi for sale everywhere

Most people currently expect to be able to connect to the internet everywhere they go, including the world’s tallest mountain range.

Wifi in cafe with wifi password on piece of wood

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Telecom providers in Nepal have noticed a growing market and are capitalising on the luxury of high-altitude internet connections.

Passwords to connect to a wifi network are available for purchase on a “scratchy” in every teahouse along the road.

The cost of 250 megabytes of data increases as you go higher. This can suffice for a few emails and updating your Facebook status, but not much else.

There are two trekking seasons for Everest Base Camp

The spring season lasts from mid-February until the end of May, with the hottest months being March and May when temperatures can reach 30°C.

The dry season, which runs from mid-September to the end of November, is when you’ll have the best chance of seeing a clear sky before the snowfall in December.

Man trekking down snowy mountain

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In December and January, the trail is usually covered in snow, with temperatures about -15°C at Gorakshep, the last settlement before Everest Base Camp.

Because it is monsoon season from June to August, flying to Lukla may be challenging, but you can start by driving from Kathmandu to Jiri and hiking to Lukla.

This rainy season may be ideal for calmer paths and blooming wildflowers, but leeches abound in the lower elevations, trails are slick, and landslides are a possibility.

Hopefully, you have found something interesting and useful from reading this article.

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