Explore these four breathtaking Philippine locations aboard Lady Azul.

The Philippines, the “jewel” of Southeast Asia, is home to mesmerizing sun-drenched beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and brilliant blue lagoons. This tropical archipelago consists of 7,641 islands and is ideal for cruising due to its wealth of breathtaking natural scenery, great food, and friendly residents. Lady Azul is a rising star among the yachting elite; why not discover everything this destination has to offer on a private charter? Heesen, the premier Dutch shipyard, built her to the greatest standards to create a timeless, exquisite charter yacht. After undergoing a complete refurbishment in 2019, visitors will feel right at home thanks to the yacht’s superior level of luxury and vast variety of amenities, including a gym, swimming pool, and entertainment system. Are you prepared for a charter flight via the Philippines? Here are four destinations you must see in the Philippines.


Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a perfect starting or ending point for a yacht charter.

Learn more about the diverse cultures that influenced the Philippines by exploring some of the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Admire how well the traditional Spanish architecture mixes with the tall, contemporary towers that dominate the downtown region. Visit must-see landmarks such as the 16th-century Intramuros city wall, the gorgeous San Agustin Church, the 400-year-old Chinatown, and the military prison Fort Santiago.

Insula de Coron

This island has an almost ancient appearance. Coron island is home to the Tagbanwa people and is renowned for its spectacular limestone cliffs, green bays, and ancient caves. As a result of the geothermal circulation, the shallow waters are home to a diverse array of marine life, while the volcanic rock foundations are a sight to behold both above and below water. Dozen Japanese warships from World War II are visible in the glittering waters, making this an ideal location for wreck diving.

Mindoro Island

This island is renowned for its beautiful natural harbor, intriguing dive spots, and pristine beaches. Puerto Galera is renowned among tourists and locals alike for its natural beauty, while further inland, the island offers numerous hiking paths with beautiful vistas, such as the one that leads to the Talipanan waterfalls. Be sure to bring your snorkeling and scuba diving gear to Sabang Beach in order to take advantage of the great snorkeling and scuba diving that can be found in the coral gardens right offshore.

Lubang Island

The island of Lubang is a veritable tropical paradise, as it is surrounded by magnificent vegetation. This island, the largest in the Lubang archipelago, is home to various quiet beaches with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the delights of a yacht in peace and seclusion.

Several small, quiet beaches provide wonderful views of the surrounding area. Soak up the sun before plunging into the blue seas to cool down and admire the magnificent coral reefs.

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