Cellular Phones – Latest mobile technology brought to you!

If there is a form of technology that grows so fast that people find it difficult to follow, it must be the cellphone industry! The new telephone everyday enters the market with new computerized accessories which are only a few years not even dreamed of.

Cellphone history

Do you remember the time when no one brought a cellphone? When we are forced to queue for a public telephone? Then the first analog cellphone was introduced to the world and everyone admired their ability to allow people to communicate in running it.

It’s not long after that when each cellphone switches to digital technology and you have to throw your analog cellphone for a higher digital technology. You can just say – “No, I don’t need to buy a new one” but surely you have become so attached to your cellphone, that you feel like it will take part of you, so you buy a new one to replace one now in the trash can.

Now let’s pass several years and from digital and white digital cellphones played, color technology found that opened many other ways. The game becomes more advanced graphically and there is one other thing that has a big impact on the cellphone industry – inbuilt digital cameras!

With the ability to take and save digital photos on your mobile, we start opening our minds, imagine the possibility. Will the cellphone be our new personal computer? We haven’t been there but we are sure it’s close to him. Now only 10 short years since the first digital cellphone was introduced to the world and saw how far we had come!

Latest Mobile Phone Technology – iPhone

The iPhone has just been released and takes the world with a storm. With a sleek and varied feature look, it will definitely make a big impact in the mobile world. Created by Apple, it is designed to target those who are looking for cellphones with the potential to store a large number of songs in it.

If you see it, you will see it basically looks equal to the iPod! It boasts a very large screen with touch technology. There are very few cellphones on the market today rival the iPhone in any area. It looks great, has a very good default camera, cool touch screen, good chart. This is basically the closest thing to a handheld PC.

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