100 Gigabit Ethernet – Advanced Technology

There is current leading data transmission technology in the decomposed process, which is called 100 Gigabit Ethernet or 10GBE. The plan to start 802.3BA standards for the Ethernet family was initially raised when IEEE held a Assembly on July 18, 2006.

The main objective of the proposition is to exceed the premium services from the Ethernet network. Until now, Ethernet 10Gige or 10 gigabit is still a recognized standard to have the best data transfer rating of 10 gigabytes per second. 100GBE is calculated to increase efficiency like that one thousand percent.

This project will move at the end of 2007, after one year and several months since it was first considered. P802.3 Task Force, the same as the standard classification of 100gige, assembled to take project management.

Publications that coincide for both 40GBE and 100GBE speeds are then expected for the project. It was a new uncertainty for IEEE because it was the only one when they allowed two-speed publications under one Ethernet standard. With this release, the Institute aspires to provide their services for the needs of large networks (100GBE) and small (4GBE).

Although 100 Gigabit Ethernet has not been expected to be released until around June 2010, certain features are known. And through the delivery of the regular draft by the P802.3BA task force, a sustainable increase in the project has been seen.

In fact, in February 2010, there were ten draft versions produced. Since 2008, there have been ten versions of work published. By using portable modules and connectors, 100GBE has been proven to be able to understand with a variety of different physical layers standards. The connector is classified according to its efficacy in including different distances. One example is MSA CFP, which can be relied upon in connecting devices with distances of up to more than 100 meters.

On the other hand, modules such as QSFP and CXP, are perfect for shorter distances. 100GBE technology is also anticipated to operate on different circuit boards such as SMF (single mode optical fiber), MMF (OM3 multi mode fiber optic), backplane and copper assembly.

Until now, the diffinalized 100GBE is still not available. But, there is news about certain electronic companies and companies that work with modules available for public purchases and purchases. Then again, there are already words that come out about some electrical and electronic institutions that start sales and tests on the latest modules.

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