HTML5 technology from modern web design

No more than 10-15 years ago, web design was a very paid and sought skill. Web designers are hard to find, therefore they charge high rates for their services. Today, this changes completely. Each small business owner who started an offline business can have related websites and runs in just one day and with investments that do not exceed $ 100 margins. However, if you want a website that looks professional, has a unique and beautiful design and interactive function, You have to take more than your pocket. We will see what the characteristics should have a good website today.

A good website must be based on modern programming technology. HTML5 and CSS 3 are the latest standards in the industry. If you want to think ahead and build a website to survive at least five years from now on, you should consider building it on this technology.

More and more people explore the web from their tablets and smartphones, website owners must try to fulfill this rapidly growing trend. A few years ago, the solution is to build two versions of the same website: one for normal screens and one for smartphones. Today we have a responsive web design, which is a set of rules that make the website behave differently depending on the device accessed from. The site will automatically detect the device and the screen resolution and will display a version of the version that is optimized properly for certain gadgets and screens.

Modern web design must compensate for the trend. Just like in the fashion industry, web design has trends sites that want to remain modern will follow. For example, carousel images are now the latest madness, so you cannot imagine developing online magazines without sliding shows the latest articles on the front page.

Website design must consider the user experience. During the web development process, the design team must present the viewers of several variants of the same page and compare the level of conversion. If you want the best performance for your business and money, you should ask your users what they think and rely on their feedback.

Years ago, it was difficult to use unconventional typography for websites. Not all browsers can make the fonts correctly, so it’s better to avoid too much creativity in this regard and remain on regular font fonts that everyone uses. Today we have various kinds of web fonts available. Many of them are free. It’s easy to integrate it in your menu and headline, so you can make your page truly unique and extraordinary. Besides that, you will be sure the font will be displayed correctly in all big browsers, so you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

The beauty of modern web development technology is that they can fulfill all budget levels and technical knowledge. You can build sites with WordPress for almost free and with almost no coding or design skills or you can spend several thousand and have an amazing website and optimized profit.

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