Prepping for an Alaskan Fishing Trip as a Beginner

They say that you have never experienced fishing unless you have gone fishing in Alaska. Whether you choose to go there in summer or winter, it’s one of those ultimate adventures that every fishing enthusiast should experience at least once. And if you’re just beginning to explore the wonderful world of fishing, Alaska will hook you to it. Still, that doesn’t mean this state is the easiest place to go to. With loads of logistical problems, Alaska requires careful planning.

You should look into all-inclusive fishing trips. These packages will take care of all your logistics needs—from charting a plane to Sitka to booking you fishing tour guides to seeing the wildlife to boarding your boxes of fillet fish when you’re about to go home. It’s the tiniest detail that can make your Alaskan trip either comfortable or disastrous. Since you want to err on the side of caution, these all-inclusive travel packages may be the perfect option for a beginner like you.

Even expert travelers still opt for these packages at times because of the convenience that it offers. A knowledgeable guide will know where to spot halibut and King Salmon that you are so bent on catching. Why waste your time looking for the variety you want when an expert guide can handle that for you?

Choose What Variety You Want to Catch

Fishing in Alaska should be thought out carefully. It’s highly unpredictable. One moment, there is a lot of fish to catch, and then the next, you can’t find any. That’s why it is important to choose the variety that you want to catch before you book anything. You need to travel to the area where that variety is. Do your research as the type of fish you can catch varies per region.

You should also understand that these varieties are present either in saltwater or freshwater. Salmon can appear in saltwater or freshwater, which is why it’s one of the most popular fish to catch in Alaska. But if you want rainbow trout, you can find that in freshwater.

Apply for a Fishing Permit

Like hunting, you need a fishing permit to fish in Alaska. You can apply for one online via the Department of Fish and Game website. If you book a charter for a fishing trip, they can offer to get the permit for you, too. Better yet, check this with a knowledgeable tour guide. You don’t want to arrive there all geared up for nothing, right?

Check the Weather

You can fish in summer, winter, fall, and spring. You cannot fish, however, when there’s a storm brewing. Check the weather station for a 48-hour forecast on huge storms that usually come from the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. Unfortunately, storms can occur in Alaska all-year-round, which would mean a cancellation of a flight or a boat trip. While there are good roadside places where you can fish such as the Kenai River, nothing beats the taste of wilderness that you can experience by catching a charter to more remote places.

Find a Charter

There are a lot of charters in Alaska, but you have to be wary when choosing one. Make sure that it is duly licensed and insured. Talk with your travel agent about helping you find a charter boat. You can opt for a day charter or travel lodge. Some charters offer a travel package that will get you to as many fishing places as possible. If you book for more people, you’ll save more, so think about inviting others to your trip.

But before you book a charter, find out how you can get to the pick-up point. Some charters do provide a service for that but if you still need to catch a plane to get to the destination, that’s another matter. Decide on the transportation you need. While driving in Alaska is okay, you have to be a good one to navigate the slippery roads. Plus, in remote areas of the state, you might need to catch a plane.

Create a Packing List

Talk to someone who has been fishing in Alaska for quite a while. You can ask for tips on what you need to pack. You’ll have to bring, of course, clothes that depend on the season, equipment, toiletries, and sunblock. Your tour guide will also advise you on what to bring, so make sure to have these with you. Buying supplies in Alaska is okay but if you’re going there during the peak season, you may have to pay double the price of the gear.

Isn’t it exciting to plan for a trip? Fishing is a wonderful sport because it allows you to relax and calm your frayed nerves. With so much happening in the world right now, a fishing trip to one of the few states in the United States with a low number of Covid-19 cases is just what you need.

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