Decorate your Home With Your Best Travel Memories 

Vacations are important events for a lot of people. Researches have proved that traveling makes one healthier, happier, exposed to new cultures, and relieves stress. It is also known to boost creativity and performance. Traveling is a culture of its own and documenting the memories that come with each journey is of utmost importance.

Make Your Memory Last Forever

Art is a flexible concept that can be incorporated into every phase of life. Art can be used to visualize and communicate memories and emotions. This is why it is an important tool needed to document and keep travel memories and near your heart forever. Travel memories can be kept in books and photographs.

One of the most creative ways of keeping travel memories is through home decoration. This includes making optimal use of photos, frames, and canvasses designed to keep travel memories. You can keep travel memories in a photograph but keeping them on the walls of your home as wall art is even cooler. Here are some travel memories design ideas suitable for home decoration:

City Map Posters

Using a city map poster is a popular concept in art. You can keep memories of the best places visited by creating a map of the area. This will not only remind you of the good time spent in the city, but will add some unique decor to your home. You can choose to map the whole city, or just zoom on your favourite neighborhood and map it as much as you like. You can even map the roads of an whole country if you prefer.

Landscape Designs

If you have visited the most beautiful places in the world, you will always get a good feeling thinking about it. Having such a wonderful memory framed on the walls of your home in a landscape design keeps the experience fresh in your memory. You can frame a photo you just took, ask someone to make a painting or a drawing of it, or do it yourself if you are an artist at heart.

Night Sky Poster

If you have spent nights under beautiful skies and you can’t get enough of the experience, a poster of that beautiful night on your ceiling will bring back the memory and the feelings that come with it. You can choose to fix the positions of the stars at a particular moment of the year you want to remember, or you can map your favourite constellations so you can observe them every night!

Why choose Mapiful to create your travel memories?

Keeping travel memories is easy, decorating your home with them is even easier. With the services of firms like Mapiful, you can make custom posters that suit your travel experience. Mapiful allows you to make personalized designs without employing the service of an artist. With a little money, you can keep your best memories on the walls of your home. You can personalize your posters, choosing yourself which city or part of the city you want to map. The same goes for stars and landscapes.

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