5 Basic Tips Every Paddleboard Owner Should Know

Paddleboarding is becoming more popular and a more significant number of individuals are choosing not to rent but to purchase their own board outright. This is a smart decision for anyone who intends to regularly take themselves out on the water since the cost of borrowing a board frequently adds up. Additionally, with the various features and styles of paddleboards, individuals can benefit from having one that suits their needs and aesthetics instead of having to compromise with what’s on offer.

Having one’s own paddleboard, however, does mean maintaining it. If due care isn’t given to a personal paddleboard then owners may soon find it losing its quality and appeal. There are five basic considerations that every paddleboard owner should keep in mind to ensure the longevity of their enjoyment.

Wash Your Board

Stepping from the water, it may seem somewhat counterintuitive to then wash your paddleboard and it is true that one doesn’t need to wash a board following each excursion unless it has somehow gotten particularly dirty.

However, this only applies if you have been out on fresh water. If you have been paddleboarding in the sea, then you should wash your board down after each excursion. This is because salt from the ocean can build up and deteriorate the quality of your paddleboard. Cleaning a paddleboard also ensures that a paddleboard bag is also kept in good quality.

Dry Fully

A board that is being stored, especially for a long time, should be completely dry. This is due to the potential for moisture to encourage bacteria to form. Not only can this damage the paddleboard or lead to the deterioration of its grip and design, but it is also certain to be a very unpleasant experience the next time it is unpacked.

Pack Carefully

When deflating an inflated paddleboard, caution should be given as to how tightly it is folded or rolled. This is because storage is important and packing it too tightly, which is a common practice as individuals seek to save room, can lead to the board’s weakening.

Cover In Shade

Whether your paddleboard is being kept in the dark or rolled away into a bag, it is important to remember that it is kept out of sunlight. Not only can prolonged sunlight exposure cause graphics and colors to eventually fade from the board’s design but it can also lead to the wearing down of a surface and reduction in material quality.

Keep It Safe

Solid paddleboards and those left inflated should be kept safe. There is little wrong with keeping an inflatable paddleboard full of air during storage but it should be given the same consideration as a solid board. This means ensuring it is kept away from sharp objects.

Incisions will inevitably happen and can even occur out on the water when coming into contact with rocks. While minor scratches are seldom an issue, deeper marks can affect the comfort and even risk the pressure quality of an inflatable board.

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