The Make Or Break Impression Of A Hotel

The comfortable atmosphere of a hotel room is one of the influential factors determining the positive or negative experience of a customer’s stay. A helpful query desk, a cosy room with abundance of hotel supplies, clean washroom and a spacious cupboard can improve how satisfied the customer feels.

How do hotel supplies influence a customer’s experience?

When a room comes with vast hotel commodities ranging from excellent housekeeping and maintenance to beautiful bedding and furniture, it can significantly impact the hotel’s experience.

These might seem like a frivolous aspect, but they are necessary because they set the tone and provide a pleasant ambiance for the customers to feel like they are welcome there and safe.

What are the expected hotel amenities?

Some of the indispensable hotel luxury commodities are elegant and cosy bedding and towels, lavish bath products of any reputed brand, exceptional housekeeping services, functional and comfortable furniture, and many much more.

  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, face wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, etc.)
  • Personal care (toilet paper, napkins, hand wash, shower cap, sanitary products, etc.)
  • Coffee necessities (coffee powder sachets, coffee maker or kettle, sugar, milk powder, etc.)
  • Bath complements (bathrobes, bath towels, bath salts, and slippers.)
  • Free WiFi
  • Hand sanitizer and face masks
  • Electronics (TV, telephone, Air conditioning/heating unit, iron, chargers, hairdryers, etc.)
  • Room Service
  • Housekeeping
  • Bed and bath linen (comforters and sheets)

Furthermore, with the pandemic still going on worldwide, customers are looking for proper safety measures, hygiene and proper sanitisation provided by the hotels.It increases the reliability factor to manifold.

Anything from providing PPE to restricting the number of people who can gather at the hotel’s commonplace can go a long way to show the customers that their safety is the utmost priority.

Installing hand sanitizer machines in the room and near every high gathering region like the lobby, reception, cafeteria, bathrooms, etc. will be an extra bonus point for the hotel.

How to profit from providing hotel luxuries?

One might think that providing all of these would somehow put these hotels at a loss. However, they can profit from this by partnering with a few brands that create the products mentioned above and consequently develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Through the partnership, the hotels can get the supplies at a highly discounted price, and the products get direct exposure.

Suppose, the customer shares their experience with people they know. In that case, it will be an excellent word-of-mouth type of promotion that can stem from even a small satisfaction like a stunning view from the room balcony or luxury bath products. The word-of-mouth mouth promotion ultimately leads to more people wanting to stay at the hotel and generating profit with free marketing.

To conclude with; in the hospitality industry, it becomes the top priority to make the guests feel important and safe with the services offered. A good impression and reliability factor fetch customers for a long run!

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