Make a personal business again

Not infrequently found that when businesses grow, they have a tendency to forget things that make them as they are.

It is this business relationship has built and maintained with a list – people on your list that has contributed to our success. Your client! People are so important, they are the most important part of your business. They are in our training program, they have invested in our products and services and many of them have witnessed us to develop from individuals with ideas into full effort to mission and purpose.

When we grow our business, we systemize, use and build a team. Because these things happen, sometimes it’s easy to lose the personal feelings we have ever had with our team and with people on our list – people who are very important for our success and our business.

It will happen. Your business will grow, and because you will become busier and you will have less time to focus on everyone along the way. That doesn’t mean your business must be less personal. You, business owners, may not have much time to reach everyone individually, as you do when you first start your business, but your team is an extension of you and they are able to reach your clients and the prospect of feeling a personal touch of your company, Even if it’s not you personally reaching them.

The key is to admit it. Recognizing people with phone calls, supporting him by answering questions honestly and referring others to their business. Even simple movements such as sending cards, or notes, or email, directly from you, when you know someone experiences a difficult time or stress or they have something that happens in their lives. Even when your business grows, you still have time for a simple movement that shows how personal your business is and how important your relationship is with each person in your list.

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