Healthy Travel Tips from Expert Gennady Podolsky

Seasoned travel advisor Gennady Podolsky provides practical recommendations for travelers seeking to maintain wellness. Whether flying or in advance to minimize health risks.

Podolsky suggests five packing tips focused on comfort and nutrition, whether flying or road-tripping. These include neck pillows, masks, and wraps for cozy in-flight naps. Healthy snacks like protein bars and trail mix, refillable water bottles, resistance bands enabling movement in small spaces, and lightweight workout attire respecting local norms. He also notes probiotics, enzymes, and supplements may ease digestive changes from time zone shifts.

Podolsky explains that adequately fitted compression stockings can aid circulation for travelers prone to swelling or deep vein thrombosis from long periods of stillness. However, poorly done stockings could worsen symptoms, so consult an expert.

In addition, Podolsky provides five en-route recommendations to arrive refreshed. First, obtain the necessary vaccinations before departing. Next, reduce pre-travel stress with advanced preparation, proper rest, healthy meals, and stretching. Then, keep mobile during the trip, moving every couple of hours. Also, stay hydrated while limiting salt, questionable airline food, alcohol, and caffeine.

Upon reaching destinations, Podolsky advises maintaining wellness amid vacation indulgences. He suggests practicing good hygiene with frequent hand washing and sanitizer when soap is unavailable. Get creative about exercising through stairs instead of elevators, guided bicycle tours, brisk morning walks, or in-room workouts. Cautiously savor local cuisine, opting for bottled water and cooked foods while avoiding unwashed produce and unpasteurized dairy. Plus, it can mitigate ambient noise, hindering sleep with masks, earplugs, and white noise. Finally, schedule downtime to recharge rather than cramming activities.

Despite best efforts, illness or injury may still arise. Domestically, clarify health coverage for out-of-area care beforehand. For international travel, consult insurers about overseas policies and consider supplementary travel insurance.

By proactively addressing health considerations, Podolsky believes travelers can confidently enjoy their vacations while sustaining wellness from start to finish. His practical guidance aims to promote safe, refreshing journeys.

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